The armshake is a system to relax and strengthen the entire arm muscles. The armshake stimulates the entire arm muscles, unlike most other movement systems, which only train individual areas of the arm.

The training can be carried out with one arm or two arms. In the one-armed variant, only one of the two so-called satellites is used, which can be held in the right or left hand. A wave of up to 20 Hertz is generated inside the satellite and is transmitted to the arm. In the course of the training, the frequency of the wave changes and the arm muscles are continuously and variedly stimulated, tensions and cramps are relaxed. 

During training, the user can change the position of the satellite and thus vary the strain on the arm muscles considerably. If you take a second satellite in the second hand and operate it parallel to the first, very complex movement patterns result, which enable even more demanding training. 

Product pictures

Product features

  • System for strengthening the entire arm muscles, training arms with limited mobility, relaxing tensions and cramps in the arm area.

  • Positive effect on a tremor in the hand or arm area.

  • One-handed or two-handed operation based on each other, arm stimulation with up to 20 Hertz.


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