Therapists do not grow on trees!

Moveri GmbH stands for portable and affordable systems for the rehabilitation of motor disorders for therapeutic facilities & home use.

Our company develops systems for the rehabilitation of motor disorders of the human extremities.

Our Vision

There are many people in our society with limitations in everyday life & diseases. Those who are not themselves affected, certainly knows someone with such a stroke of fate. Our mission is to help these people faster and better.

Through own developments and production (see products) we know exactly what we are talking about. We experience first-hand what it means today to accompany a medical product from development to successful market launch. For some the new regulatory requirements are an insurmountable obstacle, for us it’s just a new challenge. 

Moveri GmbH stands for 25 years of experience in the field of medical technology. In the areas of product development, approval, sales and after-sales, we have a braid know-how.

In addition to our in-house developments, we are also an effective partner for innovative companies and their products. We are  accompanying you purposefully, in entering the market in order to gain a sustainable foothold.


Let our system move your fingers. No matter when or for how long – the handy fingerwave is designed for home and therapeutic facilities.


The armshake stimulates each arm muscle, unlike most other motion systems, which train only parts of the arm.

The movement systems of Moveri GmbH.

Passive & active movements by engine-assisted systems - Optimally used in the rehabilitation of motor disorders of the upper extremities.

The Current Situation In The Medicine Technology Market Germany

The rehabilitation market has a sales volume of approximately € 27 billion. Every year, there are over 230,000 stroke patients who survive and need to be treated.

Together with all other neurological diseases in Germany, this amounts to an annual patient volume of approximately 450,000.

This leads to the conclusion that there is a growing market in Germany involving neurological diseases, resulting in a great demand for rehabilitation measures. It should be borne in the mind that the acceptance of rehabilitation robotics is constantly increasing, since there is no alternative to it in the future.

market volume
27 billion €
stroke patients
230.000 people / year
neurological diseases
450.000 people / year

Therapists do not grow on trees!

Find out about the systems of Moveri GmbH for sustainable and independent therapy.

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